Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome to the WAAAG Blog

Dear Washington Area Anesthesia Administrators and Associates,

At our meeting on December 2, 2008, we agreed to try out a blog as a means of regular communication between ourselves. You gave me the go-ahead to use my beginner skills to launch this tool, and President Denise Lascar has approved at least the first draft, which you will find here at:

Now that you are here, the next step will be for you to add yourself as a "Follower" of the WAAAG blog by clicking on the tab in the left margin. Please post a profile containing at least your email address and your title and employer. (Mine is the only example thus far.) Denise and I are working out the best way to enable posting of public messages -- I told you I was a beginner! If anyone has more advanced knowledge, please pitch in. If you'd like to see the blog that got me started and some of the features that we could add, take a look at the beautifully-written Notes of an Anesthesioboist ( Dr. T's blog is more of a journal -- and well worth reading in its own right, if you want to see the practice of anesthesiology from the perspective of a humanist first/anesthesiologist second -- but it allows comments in the way that we hope our blog will be used.

Please tell us what you think and what you want, one way or the other!

Thank you -

Karin Bierstein


Washington Area Anesthesia Administrators Group said...

One of the WAAAG members has already asked whether it's necessary to have a Google account or a Blogger account to participate in this venture. You do need to join Blogger to sign up as a "Follower," but you can subscribe to receive the posts and comments from this blog on another RSS reader such as Yahoo or even Atom (on your Internet Explorer toolbar). You can also simply visit the web site.

POSTS and COMMENTS: the Administrator (me, for the time being) has the option to let anyone post original messages or comments on other messages, or to restrict that option to either (1) members, who will have to have or obtain a Google gmail address or (2) people who have a "profile" whether on Google or on another profile provider. (I don't like Google forcing itself on us any more than you do and I'll figure out alternative homes for the blog later, if I need to.)

The various web sites that host profiles generally have some legal requirements (including indemnification provisions that are most likely to come into play if you violate someone else's copyright). These terms of service vary in their friendliness. I'd suggest looking at OpenID ( if you want to figure this out and possibly choose an OpenID provider that suits you better than Google.

For the short term, at least, I'm setting this blog so that anyone can post a comment. That means you won't need a profile or an OpenID -- BUT PLEASE SIGN YOUR POSTS and INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!

Comments will be forwarded to me right after they are posted and I will delete them if they are anonymous or otherwise don't belong here. As the WAAAG blog matures, it may become necessary to moderate comments before they're posted publicly. We shall see.

Bear with me-

Karin Bierstein

Kim said...

This is wonderful. It took a bit to figure out how to tell you not that I could'nt find the words so much as use the technology. Fortunately my daughter was here to help me. I look forward to the future professional uses of this blog.

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